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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Reading this, you can change your lifestyle! It turned mine around and I am here
to share the success story with you. In fact, the same system that made $24
during the first, $562 in the second week, and $1,320 in 30 days is available to
you for FREE!

Are you dissatisfied with your financial state? Are you in any form of
financial difficulty? Are you a paid employee, a worker, unemployed or a student?
Do you have any kind of dept to settle? Then, dear friend! This is for you!

I came across this system in one forum, and decided to give it a try. Surfing the
internet one day, I found an article, which says, one could make thousands of dollars
in a fortnight investing as little as $4. Well, I thought, that must be one more
attraction for dimwits, but still I read it up to the end, to know, what sort of „Holy
Grail“, I was supposed to spend my money on. 
Guess what? After 2 weeks, my cheeks started beeping with smiles and
satisfaction as dollars started pouring into my liberty-reserve account. 

*Liberty-Reserve Account: open one if you don’t have. It is free to open. Just
follow this link to open a new account: www. Libertyreserve. com. 
*Fund your liberty reserve account with just $4 only.
*Honesty (very important) and Ability to follow these instructions exactly. 

You are to pay $2, to each of the liberty-reserve accounts listed below. After that,
remove the first account number from the list, push the second account number up to number 1 thus clearing the second line. Then put the number of your own liberty-reserve account into this vacant 2nd line.
send/post this text to 10 different forums or news groups. 

I hesitated a bit and realised that I am risking a measly $4, and decided to give it a try. Just guess what happened in the next 7 days after I tried it? Money started to arrive… honestly, I was shocked! And thought, maybe, this opportunity would stop soon. But it didn’t! I made $24 during my first week of trying it, $562 by the
end of the second week, over $1, 320 in 30 days!! I didn’t believe it works, until I
started receiving money order, from all over the world. 

I promise that if you follow all the instructions, you will start earning much more money, more than you could ever expect without much effort. Please, read this twice! Follow the instructions, it’s very simple! It is legal. And you will have to invest a measly/mere $4…
Follow these instructions EXACTLY the way, it is written, and you will be smiling in the next 20 to 30 days. 
These are the 4 simple steps to Your success:

1. If you haven’t got the $4 in your liberty-reserve account yet, you have to
create or open your free liberty account at liberty-reserve. Open an account
through this link: www. libertyreserve. com. Get acquainted with this system, see
how it works and choose the variant that suits you, and then, fund your liberty-
reserve account with a minimum of $5. 
2. Transfer $2 to each of the 2 liberty-reserve account numbers below:
U0856797<- account number 1<br />U5288688 <- account number 2<br />
3. After you must have transferred money ($2 each) to these accounts, delete the first account number, push the second one up and then insert your liberty reserve account number in the second position. Thus, the list will go higher (number 2 will become number 1, etc. ). It will look like this when you are through;
U5288688<- account number 1 <br />Uxxxxxxx <- account number 2 ( your account number)<br />
4. Make all the necessary changes and then Post this article to at least 10 forums
and News Groups. There thousands of forums and news groups you can post the article to. Getting them is very easy. Just use google search engine to search for as many as possible. Open google search in your browser and enter “forums”. There you have it, you will have as many as possible.

This business goes on and thrives. Thanks to the honesty of the participants. So,
by the time you reach the first position in the list, you will have thousands of
dollars in your liberty-reserve account! WORD! Remember, this only cost you a
mere $4, and simple work!!! Do it now! Don’t put it off till tomorrow!! Because
you might not come back to it again. Time is money!!!

1. The first thing to do, is to highlight and SAVE this entire article in your MS Word
document or Notepad on your computer, or just print it out, so you can come
back to it later. 

2. Read through the program very well, so that you can understand the way, the system works. This is a liberty-reserve system that yields the members money, through compounding process. 

3. If you already have a liberty-reserve account, proceed to the next step. If you
don’t, then, go to liberty-reserve and register for free. To fund your liberty-reserve
account or change your liberty-reserve money to physical cash, you have to go to
an exchanger. Liberty-Reserve exchangers are available in most countries of the
world. You can find exchangers in your country through “GOOGLE SEARCH”. When
searching with Google, type “Liberty reserve exchangers in + your country name”
e. g. , Liberty reserve exchangers in U. S etc. 
I believe, I have done something to HELP YOU make money online using your Liberty Reserve account. Note that the idea behind this is to be truthful!

I tell you today, as you read this article, don’t play with it, get straight with every word, and soon, you will know experience the effect of this little secret, that has been locked and the keys thrown away, but now in your HANDS! Try it, it will not fail you!

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